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Insurance Adjuster School

Select your state and your exam to view products to prepare you to become licensed as an adjuster in your state of choice! (Scroll alphabetically.)


Alaska Adjuster

Arizona Property & Casualty Adjuster

Arkansas Casualty Adjuster

Arkansas General Adjuster

Arkansas Property Adjuster

California Independent Adjuster

California Public Adjuster

Colorado Public Adjuster

Connecticut Casualty Adjuster for All Lines

Connecticut Casualty Claim Adjuster -- Auto Only

Connecticut Workers Compensation Adjuster

Delaware Casualty Adjuster

Delaware Marine and Transportation Adjuster

Delaware Motor Vehicle Adjuster

Delaware Property Adjuster

Delaware Public Adjuster

Florida All Lines Adjuster

Florida Property & Casualty Adjuster

Florida Public Adjuster for All Lines

Florida Public Adjuster for Property & Casualty

Georgia Adjuster

Hawaii Adjuster

Hawaii Workers Compensation Adjuster

Idaho Crop Hail Adjuster

Idaho General Lines Adjuster

Idaho Public Adjuster

Idaho Workers Compensation Adjuster

Illinois Public Adjuster

Indiana Public Adjuster

Kentucky Property & Casualty Adjuster

Kentucky Workers Compensation Adjuster

Louisiana Automobile Adjuster

Louisiana Public Adjuster

Louisiana Comprehensive Adjuster

Louisiana Personal Lines Adjuster

Louisiana Commercial Lines Adjuster

Maine Property & Casualty Adjuster

Maryland Public Adjuster

Massachusetts Public Adjuster

Michigan Public Adjuster

Michigan Adjuster WITH Work. Comp. Authority

Michigan Adjuster WITHOUT Work. Comp. Auth.

Minnesota Casualty Adjuster

Minnesota Fire & Allied Lines Adjuster

Minnesota Fire, Allied Lines & Casualty Adjuster

Missouri Public Adjuster

Montana Adjuster

Nevada Property & Casualty (Indep. or Public)

New Hampshire Public Adjuster

New Hampshire Life, Accident & Health Adjuster

New Hampshire Property & Casualty Adjuster

New Hampshire Workers Compensation Adjuster

New Jersey Public Adjuster

New York Accident & Health Adjuster

New York Independent Fire Adjuster

New York Independent Casualty Adjuster

New York Independent Automobile Adjuster

New York Independent General Adjuster

New York Independent Inland Marine Adjuster

New York Ind. Motor Vehicle No-Fault & Workers Comp. Health Services Adjuster

North Carolina Adjuster

Ohio Public Adjuster

Oklahoma Crime &  Fidelity Bonds Adjuster

Oklahoma Crop/Hail Adjuster

Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Adjuster

Oklahoma Casualty Adjuster

Oklahoma Property, Casualty & Motor Vehicle Adjuster

Oklahoma Property & Casualty Adjuster

Oklahoma Fire & Allied Lines Adjuster

Oregon General Lines Adjuster

Pennsylvania Public Adjuster

Rhode Island Personal Insurance Adjuster

Rhode Island Commercial Insurance Adjuster

Rhode Island Workers Compensation Adjuster

South Carolina Adjuster's Exam. for Personal Lines

South Carolina Adjuster's Exam. for Property, Casualty, Surety & Marine

South Carolina Adjuster's Exam. for Commercial Lines

Tennessee Public Adjuster

Texas All Lines Adjuster

Texas Property & Casualty Adjuster

Texas Public Adjuster

Texas Workers Compensation Adjuster

Utah Property & Casualty Adjuster

Vermont Property & Casualty Adjuster

Vermont Workers Compensation Adjuster

Washington Adjuster

West Virginia Adjuster

Wyoming General Adjuster
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